Sep 30, 2015

    Get tips on pursuing your dream career

    REMEMBER when you were much younger and waxed lyrical about chasing your dreams? Fast forward to today, and reality often paints quite a different picture from the giddying aspirations of youth.

    But it does not always have to be this way, said Desmond Chow, managing director of Style Resumes and managing partner of Asia Expat Guides.

    "Most people can't live their dreams. When you ask an adult in his 30s what his dream is, he says: 'I don't have any dream. I work 9 to 5 only to support the family'."

    Being in the rat race means being tied to a job that helps to only pay off bills, flat and car loans, and may not involve passion, noted Mr Chow, who is speaking at My Paper's Advance Education seminar on Oct 18.

    To get out of the race, you need to have a dream and change your mindset on finances or re-evaluate them, he said.

    But how does one achieve this? Mr Chow has a few tips to help employees chase their dreams, one of which is to persevere.

    Pursuing your dream often entails a career switch. But when this happens, a lot of things change as well, such as colleagues and work culture. This might not be easy for many people to cope with, so perseverance becomes very important, said Mr Chow.

    He will be sharing more on this as well as tips on starting your own business at the seminar, which will be held at Singapore Press Holdings' News Centre Auditorium in Toa Payoh.

    Other speakers at the seminar next month include Khyati Kapai, managing director and principal consultant of Yzer Solutions and a corporate trainer at Kaplan. She will be talking about how to gain control of one's work.

    Raymond Chua, founder and director of Datong Energy and a corporate trainer at Kaplan, will speak on understanding business analytics and market insights.

    The final speaker, Madeline Ernest, a senior consultant at Training Edge International, will talk about recognising the importance of one's brand.