Mar 18, 2015

    Get a boost from Tunisian fish soup

    WHEN travellers think of eating out and getting some simple food at a restaurant in Tunisia, a soup called shorba comes to mind.

    Shorba means soup in Arabic. But in Tunisia, this is narrowed down to mean fish soup.

    The Tunisians are fond of seafood, which seems natural as the country faces the Mediterranean Sea.

    Le Nil, a restaurant that's a bit down-to-earth and located near Tunis' main Bourguiba street, serves a tomato-based shorba full of chunks of white fish meat and bulgur wheat.

    A mere sip of the soup will allow customers to savour the fish and the broth's flavour.

    For Middle East-based workers like me, who usually eat meat dishes such as kebab at restaurants, the soup really lifts one's spirits.

    A bowl of the soup costs 4 Tunisian dinars (S$2.80) at the restaurant.

    The eatery also serves many other seafood dishes, such as tomato sauce-based pasta with shrimp and squid.

    "I have regular Japanese customers who come here to eat fish," the restaurant's owner, Mohammed, 70, said proudly.