Geldof's daughter 'went back to drugs'

DRUG OVERDOSE: A police search of Peaches' home found heroin and drug paraphernalia. She died in April.


    Jul 25, 2014

    Geldof's daughter 'went back to drugs'


    THE husband of Peaches Geldof, daughter of Live Aid founder Bob Geldof, told an inquiry that she was a heroin addict.

    He told the hearing that the 25-year-old TV presenter had started taking the drug again in February, having given it up three months earlier.

    She died from a drug overdose in April, a coroner ruled on Wednesday. She had been taking the substitute drug methadone in the 21/2 years before her death.

    A police search of the rural family home found 6.9g of "importation quality" heroin and drug paraphernalia hidden in a black plastic bag in a cupboard over a bedroom door.

    Paul Fotheringham, the police officer in charge of the investigation, told the hearing in Gravesend, south England, that forensic scientist Emma Harris had found a level of morphine in Geldof's blood that suggested she died "shortly after taking heroin" and that it "likely" contributed to her death.

    Geldof's husband Thomas Cohen, a musician, spoke of seeing his wife flush a stash of drugs down the toilet after a conversation about her addiction.

    Meanwhile, after three months of private grief over the death of his daughter, Bob Geldof returned to the world spotlight yesterday, taking up the Aids cause with his trademark mix of anger and empathy.

    Geldof, who was given a standing ovation for a talk he gave to delegates about poverty and Aids, said the disease could be wiped out, as all the tools needed were already there.

    "This can be done," he said, clicking his fingers.