Game Of Thrones fans visit Spanish set locations

FAN FERVOUR: Castillo de Zafra in Spain, where the Tower Of Joy was filmed in the Game of Thrones series, is the location that received the most interest this year, reported TripAdvisor.


    Aug 10, 2016

    Game Of Thrones fans visit Spanish set locations

    DO YOU know that television tourism is on the rise? Yes, there is actually such a thing.

    According to TripBarometer 2015, one in five travellers selects a travel destination based on what he or she sees in a TV show.

    With the recent conclusion of the sixth season of Game Of Thrones, and with the popularity of the series growing globally, planning and booking site TripAdvisor has released a traffic data comparison that analyses the effects of the show on visitor interest in the filming locations.

    It revealed that during the series' sixth season, which was filmed almost entirely in Spain, seven locations in the country had experienced growth spurts, with traveller interest increasing by 125 per cent on average.

    Campillo de Duenas is the Spanish town with the highest increase in traveller interest worldwide, with 291 per cent more traffic than last year on TripAdvisor.

    The nearby Castillo de Zafra, where the Tower Of Joy was filmed, is the attraction that generated the most interest from travellers this year, increasing web visits to the site by 488 per cent.

    Other locations that have seen peaks in traffic during this season of the series are Bardenas Reales de Navarra (41 per cent), Girona (19 per cent), Almeria (16 per cent), Seville (13 per cent) and Tudela (7 per cent).

    Similarly, prior seasons of the series have influenced traveller interest in places that were featured during those episodes.

    An example is Osuna which enjoyed a 44 per cent rise in bookings on TripAdvisor last year, when the fifth season was aired.

    It was partly filmed in its bull-fighting ring.

    Cordoba also experienced a 17 per cent traffic jump last season.

    This trend applies not just to Spanish locations for Game Of Thrones but also other international destinations, especially those in Croatia and Iceland.

    They include Klis in Croatia and Iceland's Vik, Dimmuborgir and Vatnajokull National Park.

    To keep up with current interest, TripAdvisor spokesman Blanca Zayas said there are now Game Of Thrones-themed tours on its website.

    "Travellers who are fans of the show can now book a Game Of Thrones-themed tour to experience first-hand the filming locations in Seville and Osuna, see the legendary Giant's Causeway and Caves of Cushendun in Country Antrim, Britain; or discover Dubrovnik and Split, following in the footsteps of Robert Baratheon, Arya Stark or the Lannisters."

    TripAdvisor offers the possibility to compare prices and book hotels in these locations.

    The best months to travel to almost all the destinations are October and November, with the exception of Seville, where the cheapest month to book is August.