Galaxy Note 5 users, watch how you keep S Pen

BAD MOVE: A clip uploaded by Android Police on YouTube shows how easy it is to slide the S Pen in the wrong way. When that happens, the stylus gets stuck.


    Aug 27, 2015

    Galaxy Note 5 users, watch how you keep S Pen

    THE Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best phablets you can buy right now, but a possible design flaw could result in permanent damage to the device.

    Tech site Android Police discovered the problem, which occurs when the Note 5's S Pen stylus is inserted backwards into the device.

    The correct way to store the S Pen is to slide the pointy end in first. But if you slide the blunt end in first, the S Pen will get jammed in the device and be stuck in the spring mechanism.

    On previous Galaxy Note smartphones, it was impossible to store the S Pen in the wrong direction, as the tapered shape meant that it wouldn't fit. On the Note 5, however, it is easy to put the S Pen in backwards with almost no force required.

    Once stuck, it is still possible to wiggle the pen free, but you may then find that the Note 5's S Pen detection features have stopped working.

    Normally on the Note 5, removing the S Pen when the screen is off will launch a quick note-taking app, and removing it when the screen is on will launch the radial S Pen menu. However, in a video posted by Android Police, all these features stopped working after the S Pen was put in backwards.

    On the matter, Samsung said: "We highly recommend our Galaxy Note 5 4G+ users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they are not experiencing such (an) unexpected scenario, caused by reinserting the S Pen the other way around."