Jan 23, 2014

    A fun issue movie

    Dallas Buyers Club (R21)

    Rating: 4/5

    I AM not usually a big fan of issue movies. I go to films for entertainment, not to learn lessons. The thing about Dallas Buyers Club is that it is an issue movie that is fun.

    An alarmingly thin Matthew McConaughey stars as rodeo redneck Ron Woodroof, who ends up getting Aids.

    When his doctor tells him that he has only a month to live, he goes on a mission to find his own treatment and succeeds. He ends up selling his pills to fellow Aids victims, bringing on a lovable transvestite (Jared Leto) as a business partner.

    What I love about this flick is how it simultaneously shows the very best and worst of America. The same “Don’t tread on me” spirit that makes McConaughey seem like such a jerk in the beginning ends up saving his life and others’.