Former EXO member to get $4b from father?

HEIR TO A FORTUNE? Tao's father said it is OK if the star (above) loses all the money.


    Feb 04, 2016

    Former EXO member to get $4b from father?

    THE father of former EXO member Tao has hinted that he might leave 20 billion yuan (S$4 billion) to his son, who has been working in China since leaving the K-pop group last year.

    But some media outlets have questioned the claims of his wealth.

    In a letter recently published by Chinese magazine Ren Wu, Tao's father revealed his plan and said: "It is OK if he loses all the money."

    The singer's father claimed he had been ranked the seventh wealthiest men in Qingdao in 1997, and that he owns at least four to five mansions in Qingdao alone. He also added that his company in Beijing is worth more than 20 billion yuan.

    After the letter was published, the media in China questioned the reliability of the information provided about his wealth and company.

    This comes in the middle of Tao's legal fight against SM Entertainment, which began in April last year.

    Tao's father had asked the entertainment agency to withdraw his son's contract with the company, citing the latter's leg injury as a reason.