Feb 02, 2016

    Five mentors everyone needs

    Every professional who expects to successfully navigate corporate structures needs someone in his corner to bounce ideas off, get a fresh perspective on an issue or provide guidance on his career path - perhaps, even open some doors.

    That person is the mentor.

    These days, one mentor is simply not enough. No single person possesses all the skills necessary for his protege to succeed.

    Like organisations with a board of directors who have various skills, professionals require members of their personal board to possess diverse skills based on their unique requirements.

    These are the different types of mentors you need.

    CONNECTOR: A respected member of the community who has authority, the ability to influence others and access to an extensive network of contacts.

    INDUSTRY EXPERT: Someone who has accomplished what you are trying to do.

    SPONSOR: A senior-level person in your organisation who is willing to open doors for you.

    However, you need to have made some mark so he is aware of you.

    LISTENER: Someone who has excellent listening skills, is empathetic and will allow you to rant when necessary to clear your mind so you can focus on what is truly important.

    THE-NO-NONSENSE PERSON: Someone whom you can count on to tell you exactly like it is and holds you accountable to achieving your goals.