First, Skype and WeChat. Now there is Jego
First, Skype and WeChat. Now there is Jego
First, Skype and WeChat. Now there is Jego


    Apr 04, 2014

    First, Skype and WeChat. Now there is Jego


    JEGO is a VoIP application for iOS and Android phones, just launched by China Mobile.

    The app is free but to make VoIP calls via the app, some charges do apply, but they are quite minimal compared to what the telcos charge.

    This is no different from the services offered by the likes of Skype and WeChat, except that China Mobile is a huge telco and one can expect better service and support.

    Users will find it very easy to make Internet phone calls from Singapore to numbers in Hong Kong and China. Chinese residents who already have China Mobile numbers can retain their numbers and enjoy free roaming incoming calls.

    This costs 99 US cents (S$1.25) per month. Non-China Mobile numbers can pay a "rental" fee of US$4.99 per month for a China number and make calls to Hong Kong and China, paying just local charges.

    They can also make calls to anywhere else in the world, at lower tariffs.

    I tried Jego and found that it is quite easy to set up. Download the app from Apple's App Store or Google PlayStore and do the necessary activation and verification.

    Buy some credits for the app and one is on the way to making cheap phone calls.

    The app is particularly suitable for users who need to call China or Hong Kong frequently as it is a Chinese app and hence has some built-in geographical and infrastructural advantages.