Dec 04, 2015

    Finding good deals online made easy

    NOBODY can pass up a good deal but for online shoppers, finding them can be a massive hassle. After all, to search one site after another takes time and, sometimes, sales occur for only a limited period. Nobody can be everywhere at once, right?

    I know I can't, which is why I've compiled a handy list of sites and apps that are great for staying on top of what's on sale.


    Dealzon is a great site that anyone who loves tech will love. It keeps track of nearly everything a techie likes, from games to cameras to computer parts. Deals are posted on the site daily, though massive shopping events have much more regular updates.

    What's great about the site is that it even has a feature telling you how much the item was at its lowest sale price, so you'll know if you should hang back and wait for a lower deal or jump in and nab something right away.


    Possibly the most frustrating thing about being an online shopper is seeing the words "out of stock" appear on a product you really want, especially if it's a limited-edition or a hard-to-find item.

    You'll constantly want to check back to see if it becomes available later on. That's what is for. It tracks many popular items and gives a list of retailers which have the item in stock. If the item you want is out of stock, you can set alarms to remind you the minute it is available.


    There's a reason Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers. It has a massive inventory, ships to Singapore and its prices are pretty competitive too.

    But ask anyone who has spent some time on the site and they'll tell you that Amazon's prices fluctuate regularly. An item might be US$30 (S$42.30) one day, US$25 the next and then back to US$30 a few days later.

    Camelcamelcamel is a site that can inform you when an item you're interested in on Amazon drops in price. Even better, the site also has a history of how much the item cost previously, as well as its history of price drops. This means that, like Dealzon, you can easily tell whether a product is worth buying or you should hold out and hope for the price to drop further.


    ShopSavvy is an ideal price-comparison app because it's great for casual shopping as well as tech deals. If something catches your eye, you just scan the product barcode of the object and ShopSavvy will scour the web and find you the best prices for the item in question. You'll need a freight forwarder to help with shipping though, as some of the sites and products it links to won't ship overseas.


    eBay's heyday might be over but it still remains a source of good deals, provided you're patient enough to sift through the tons of items available. It might take a bit more work to find good deals on eBay but if you're lucky, you might find something that no other outlet has and at an unbeatable price.