Felines and females top Instagram stars this year

FAVOURITE: Kendall Jenner's "heart hair" photo, with 3.2 million likes, was the most popular Instagram photo this year after it was posted in May.


    Dec 04, 2015

    Felines and females top Instagram stars this year


    IF YOU want to be an Instagram star, you had better be female and get a cat. Or be Taylor Swift.

    All of the Top 10 most-liked images of 2015 on the social media platform featured women, including pop stars Beyonce and Selena Gomez, according to an Instagram list released on Wednesday.

    But Swift captured five of the top spots with three photos. They were of the 25-year-old country-pop star with her white cat Meredith, of the huge bunch of white roses she got from rapper Kanye West after the pair settled a long-running feud at the MTV Video Music Awards and of her with Scottish DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris.

    The Shake It Off singer also has the most followers - more than 49 million - on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, which has more than 400 million global users.

    However, the top place for 2015 went to 20-year-old fashion model and TV reality star Kendall Jenner's "heart hair" photo, which has been liked more than 3.2 million times since it was posted in May. Jenner's younger sister, Kylie Jenner, took the fourth spot with her high school graduation photo.

    Both are members of the Kardashian family.