Faye Wong back for livestream concert

FIRST SHOW SINCE 2010: Wong's December gig in Shanghai will see her team up with producer Zhang as music director.


    Sep 13, 2016

    Faye Wong back for livestream concert


    NO ONE gets attention like Faye Wong.

    The pop diva returned to the spotlight last Friday when she announced in Beijing that she will hold a concert at Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena in December this year, her first show since her tour in 2010.

    Titled Faye's Moments Live 2016, the concert will be streamed live exclusively by Chinese Internet giant Tencent, which means her fans will be able to enjoy the show from any corner of the world.

    Wong said she will perform more than 20 songs and the look of the stage will be "dreamy".

    "I will sing some of the hits, along with the songs that are my favourites but I rarely perform at concerts.

    "I have never been too ambitious about my career.

    "I don't listen to much music these days either. I just do what I like," she added.

    The 47-year-old said she is interested in the streaming technology and wants to give it a try. The show will also use virtual technology.

    "This is not a farewell concert," Wong said, addressing rumours about her retirement.

    "Probably I will have tours in the future but this time I just want to hold one concert."

    The news conference was streamed live by Tencent, which attracted nearly 10 million fans.

    Han Zhijie, general manager of Tencent's copyright department, said the Internet company will launch exclusive online channels to livestream the concert's preparation.

    Katie Chan, Wong's agent, said rumours of the latter's return to the stage took off in the past few months, with reports of a planned tour and photos of the singer leaking online.

    "We want to take our time and present a great show to the fans," Ms Chan added.

    Producer Zhang Yadong - who has written songs for her and produced some of her most popular albums such as Restless in 1996, Lovers & Strangers in 1999 and Fable in 2000 - will be the music director of the Shanghai concert.

    He also wrote and produced Wong's latest single, Dust, which was released online in July.

    Wong denies that she will perform with her daughter, Dou Jington, at the concert.

    The 19-year-old, whose father is rock singer-songwriter Dou Wei, is also a singer-songwriter.

    She released her debut album, Stone Cafe, this May.

    But Wong said she may perform her daughter's songs at the concert, though she has not decided yet.

    "I like her songwriting style and maybe we could collaborate some time in the future at some smaller shows," she added.