Dec 19, 2013

    Famous deaths top 2013 Google search

    THE haze, death and devices

    drove the quest for more information on Google's search engine this year.

    In Singapore, the hunt for information on daily Pollutant Standards Index readings, masks and news on the haze that hit a historic high of PSI 401 in June led the chart.

    Globally, three of the world's four fastest-rising search requests on Google were triggered by the deaths of famous men.

    Former South African president Nelson Mandela - who died on Dec 5 - and Fast & Furious movie star Paul Walker - who died in a Nov 30 car crash - came high on the list, along with Glee TV-series cast member Cory Monteith, who died of a drug overdose on July 13.

    The iPhone 5s, the latest upgrade in Apple's most popular product line, was the most-searched gadget in Singapore, but finished third in Google's global rankings.

    Google's review follows annual round-ups compiled by its main search rivals - Microsoft's Bing, Yahoo and

    Although its list is usually released last each year, Google's breakdown typically provides the greatest insight because the company's technology processes about two out of every three search requests made on the Internet.