Aug 29, 2014

    Facebook tests search feature for old posts


    FACEBOOK is testing a feature for its mobile app that lets people search through old posts from friends by keyword, a move that makes it easier to find content that may be buried.

    The tool, which is available only to some members of the world's biggest social network, lets mobile users see any content that was previously available to them through friends or pages they followed.

    Facebook said that the feature is "an improvement to search on mobile".

    The company has in the past had to deal with privacy concerns for highlighting content that users thought would be harder to find.

    In response, Facebook is giving users more control over their settings and, this year, added options for members to find out why they are served certain ads.

    Facebook is running the test of the new feature as it continues to roll out its Graph Search product, which lets users find friends' likes and connections, with queries such as, "my friends who like Japanese food".