Feb 12, 2016

    Facebook app still drains phone's battery

    FACEBOOK'S iOS app caused a big hoo-ha last year when it was discovered to be killing the battery life of iPhones.

    While the issue was resolved with an update, it appears that the Facebook app is still causing some battery drain and performance issues on smartphones today.

    According to The Guardian, Android blogger Russell Holly uninstalled the Facebook app on his smartphone last month and found performance improvements. This led Reddit users such as pbrandes_eth to take similar actions and report that other apps launched 15 per cent faster, and uninstalling the Facebook app saves about 20 per cent of battery life a day.

    This also prompted The Guardian's writer, Samuel Gibbs, to do a test on the iPhone for a week. He uninstalled the Facebook app and accessed the social network site on the phone's Safari Web browser.

    On average, Mr Gibbs reported 15 per cent more battery life by the end of each day. He also found out that the deletion of the Facebook app saved space as the app automatically saves a cache on an iPhone.

    In response to both reports, a Facebook spokesman said the company is looking into the matter.