May 24, 2016

    Do you've drive to steer the company forward?

    FOUR major trends affect today's workplace, yet companies are ill-prepared to weather much less manage them.

    They are greater individual choice, the rise of customer sophistication, shifting demographics and the ongoing technological revolution that puts information in people's hands instantly and virtually anywhere.

    The result: The new work environment is more talent-centric and uncertain. High-value individuals - who are in short supply - have greater freedom to set the terms of their employment and choose where, when and how they want to work.

    But only 20 per cent of managers identified as high performers successfully advance to higher levels of leadership.

    And only 13 per cent of senior executives believe their organisations have ample leadership pipelines, based on a survey of more than 400 business leaders conducted by career experts Right Management.

    The findings, which were published in its latest report this month, also found that leaders in 40 per cent of companies were unprepared to meet the business issues they would face over the next three to five years.

    Companies that are most likely to power ahead are those that invest in the right people, develop talent-focused skills as well as measure and reward leadership results.

    Do you have what it takes to be a leader? To find out, check how you stack up against the following criteria.


    The stronger you are at being adaptable, and possessing drive, endurance and brightness, the greater the potential to thrive in your leadership role, given the right support from your organisation. Drive: You have the hunger, energy and desire to perform at a high level. Delivering on expectations is a priority. You want to succeed for the organisation and for yourself.

    Drive should not be confused with ambition. Ambitious people value advancement and status while people with drive apply the energy to achieve their goals.

    Adaptability: Instead of being a worrywart, you are comfortable about ambiguity, knowing that uncertainty is the new order of the day.

    When presented with conflicting information and unclear choices, you gather information that helps you navigate through confusing scenarios and make decisions - and you trust your own judgment.

    Endurance: You have a high degree of stamina - both emotional and intellectual - that enables you to be tenacious and resilient.

    You work hard at being a high performer consistently, remaining steadfast through challenging conditions and bouncing back from failure.

    Brightness: Bright leaders seek to know more about the world and are always asking: "What if?"

    You are a constant learner, by seeking the opinions of others, and synthesising and prioritising information to understand what is at stake, and take action to make things happen.


    Nurture these three qualities to help your company focus its resources on the areas most likely to yield the best returns in organisational performance.

    Demonstrate character: Operate with integrity to manage, develop and inspire talent. You welcome feedback and build trust by being consistent about your commitments.

    Build strong teams: Champion collaboration and drive team effectiveness. You will need to share purpose and inspire change.

    Dare to lead: If something is amiss, you ought to question the status quo, and make decisions rather than dither. Also, foster innovation in your team.


    Evaluating what you and your team achieved in financial terms is not enough.

    It is equally critical to measure your impact as a leader on talent-focused results, such as whether you have helped your employees grow their careers.

    Employees today want to clearly understand how their everyday work activities align with the organisation's goals.

    When you provide insight into the purpose and value of their contributions, it gives people a sense of personal empowerment and accountability that helps both parties succeed.

    This article was contributed by Right Management, the global career experts within United States-listed HR consulting firm, ManpowerGroup.