Sep 07, 2016

    Disney's unpublished art revealed in new book


    SKETCHES and celluloid images that did not make the cut in Disney movies will be released to the public.

    Curated by film historian Daniel Kothenschulte from the Disney Archives and Animation Research Library, a book entitled The Walt Disney Film Archives: The Animated Movies 1921-1968 will include "hundreds of projects that they didn't complete".

    They include "many unknown and unfinished" ones starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the Daily Mail reported.

    The book, slated for release on Oct 1, will also reveal sketches for a planned film about American folk hero Davy Crockett and a Donald Duck movie.

    "You open up pastel drawings that are still rolled up, and all this coloured dust appears on the table," Kothenschulte said.

    "There are beautiful colour storyboards, pastels that give you a view of the whole film.

    "Those have never been published anywhere."

    There are also rare pictures taken by Disney photographers and excerpts from story conferences between Walt Disney and his staff that provide an insider's view to the studio's creative process.

    Each of the major animated features made during his lifetime - including Pinocchio, Fantasia and One Hundred And One Dalmatians - is given its own chapter.

    Sketches from the early years are apparently hard to come by. In the past, Disney officials saw no purpose in saving the items so they would discard or sell them.