Jan 20, 2016

    Dirty little secrets of hotel housekeeping

    THE first thing we usually do after entering a room is to switch on the lights.

    Our advice? You might want to wash your hands before eating anything after that.

    According to a study last year by students in the University of Houston, light switches are some of the dirtiest spots in a hotel room.

    Housekeeping staff typically change the bed sheets, clear out used towels and give the room a wipe-down - but light switches tend to be left out.

    Hotel rooms usually look clean to the naked eye but there are several places in the rooms we should avoid touching, according to housekeeping staff who spilled the beans on Reddit.

    For one thing, if you are feeling festive and want to pop some champagne, it is better to leave the bottles to chill in the fridge instead of ordering an ice bucket.

    Disinfection device maker BioZone Scientific said hotel ice machines can be contaminated with bacteria, mould, yeast, fungus, slime and/or other micro-organisms.

    A 2012 report by Canada's CBC News showed that ice collected from six hotel chains in the country had traces of coliform bacteria. This suggests the ice could have faecal contamination.

    BioZone Scientific said it takes an average of 150 minutes to clean an ice machine and it should be cleaned at least once a month.

    But with so many activities going on, the cleanliness of the ice machine can get overlooked.

    Here is another thing to take note of: If your neighbour in another room is having a cold, you might get catch it too, even if you do not have any contact with the person.

    Should your next-door neighbour in a hotel be sneezing or coughing up a storm, chances are his germs could have landed on the tables or furniture in his room.

    The trouble is that housekeeping staff may use the same cloth to wipe rooms.

    So, if a housekeeping staff member uses the same cloth without rinsing it, your neighbour's germs could be smeared on your hotel room's furniture too.