Oct 04, 2016

    DiCaprio, Obama to talk climate change


    OSCAR winner Leonardo DiCaprio was due at the White House yesterday to discuss climate change with United States President Barack Obama before the screening of the actor's new documentary on the devastating effects of global warming.

    DiCaprio, who won the 2016 best actor Academy Award for The Revenant, has been an environmental activist for years.

    He will also meet Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric science professor at Texas Tech University.

    Mr Obama has made the fight against global warming a priority in both his terms in office.

    The meeting will take place as part of a festival on the lawn of the White House on the South by Southwest model, which is held annually in Austin, Texas.

    It is a wild blend of new technologies, movies and music.

    Almost a decade now since his first documentary about climate challenge, entitled The 11th Hour, the actor and producer is now promoting a film called Before The Flood in which Mr Obama and Pope Francis made a brief appearance.