Sep 28, 2016

    Designer gets suspended jail for lying about Rain


    A FEMALE designer, surnamed Park, who falsely accused K-pop singer Rain of fabricating a tenancy agreement, received a 10-month suspended sentence with two-year probation.

    Seoul Central District Court said on Monday that Park "denies the charges and does not repent, nor was she forgiven by the victim".

    The court, however, took into consideration that Rain did not receive legal penalties as a result of Park's false claims and that Park was not in a wholesome condition healthwise.

    Park accused Rain of fabricating the legal documents and took him to court in October last year. But her claims against Rain turned out to be false.

    In 2009, Park leased a space in Rain's building to run an art gallery. She stopped paying for the lease after a certain time, citing faults in the building.

    Rain sued and evicted her.

    Park then claimed her art works were damaged due to Rain's failure to repair the building, filing a suit worth 200 million won ($248,000) in damages. She lost the case.

    Park reportedly resorted to retaliatory measures and spread malicious rumours against Rain, which landed her fines for defamation.