Apr 02, 2014

    The day Pokemon invaded Google Maps


    MANY of us woke up yesterday to "news" that Google was looking for a Pokemon Master, Mr Kim Jong Un was banning One Direction from North Korea, and that Scoot is offering hot-yoga classes in its cabins.

    Yup, it was April 1, the one day each year that stretches our ability to tell fact from fiction - especially as social media and the Internet have hastened the spread of pranks.

    Google's April Fool's joke was taken to (anime) monster levels.

    In a video and job ad posting online, it said that it was looking for employees who "can navigate through tall grass to capture wild creatures", ergo a Pokemon master.

    On Google Maps, Pokemon were scattered across cities around the world, including Singapore, purportedly as a new training tool to help people hone their Pokemon-capturing abilities.

    Meanwhile, budget airline Scoot said in a statement that its Boeing 777-200 wide-body planes are so spacious that they make it possible to hold hot-yoga classes on its TZ220 flights from Singapore to Hong Kong.

    "We'll even cater to the Bikram enthusiasts by ramping up a small part of the cabin to 40.6 deg C for 60 minutes during flight, just like your own yoga studio's hot room," chief executive Campbell Wilson said.

    Meanwhile, the North Korean dictator was the butt of a joke in British paper The Mirror.

    "Dictator Kim Jong Un has BANNED One Direction from entering North Korea - unless they get their hair cut," the newspaper reported on its website.

    "The tyrant has demanded the boys opt for the short-back-and-sides hairdo he models if they want to play in his secretive state."

    The impending royal visit by Prince William, his wife Kate and their baby son George provided fodder for April Fool's Day pranksters in New Zealand and Australia.

    Online discount site Groupon said it was offering customers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the royal couple on their tour of New Zealand and Australia, which kicks off on Monday.

    In Australia, Kraft announced the launch of a new energy drink called Vegemite iDRINK 2.1, flavoured to taste like the salty yeast spread.