Jul 08, 2015

    David Tao 'ashamed' for cheating on wife


    AT A press conference yesterday, singer David Tao admitted to cheating on wife Penny Chiang with Chinese artist manager Yang Ziqing last month.

    "In this regard, I feel ashamed. I did wrong," said Tao, 45.

    The star, who attended the press conference with his agent and lawyer, also apologised to his wife, her family, his mother and his fans, said NetEase website.

    He choked up as he said: "Penny, father-in-law, mother-in-law, please forgive me. Mum, I let you down. But thank you for not leaving me and loving me."

    Responding to interviews Ms Yang did with Chinese website Quan Min Xing Tan, he said he had known her since the end of 2010 and dated her before his marriage in August last year, reported Central News Agency.

    After the wedding, he texted her occasionally and met her only once, in Chengdu on June 19, he said.

    "This meeting was the cause of my infidelity, I can't escape it and no matter how things happened, I was wrong," said Tao.

    His wife is 15 years younger than him.

    Ms Yang, who is in her early 20s, said she dated Tao for six years. The story of her relationship with him broke last month, after Quan Min Xing Tan published screenshots of the pair's WeChat messages.

    Later, the website did interviews with Ms Yang and revealed more WeChat messages.

    Asked if he had a relationship with Ms Yang and his wife at the same time, he said he did not keep track of when he was with the manager.

    In one message to the manager, he said he married to please his mother. When asked about the comment, his agent replied on his behalf, saying it was just a "frivolous answer".

    The agent and lawyer said the star would sue both Ms Yang and Quan Min Xing Tan, reported Central News Agency.

    His agent said: "Compensation is not the point. We want a public apology."