Cult film titles get a local slant

BRIGHT LIGHTS: Cyclons of the sci-fi show may feel at home.
Cult film titles get a local slant

MASHUP TITLES: Pasir Ris replaces Paris and an intentional misspelling of Buena Vista make all difference for these Sin City series designs.


    Mar 27, 2014

    Cult film titles get a local slant

    FANCY wearing a Last Tango In Pasir Ris T-shirt, or slinging a Balestier Galactica tote over your shoulder?

    Local art gallery Kult has launched a series of quirky items that sport a mashup of a familiar Singaporean place with a classic movie or TV show.

    "These titles are based on great cult films. By playing with words, it celebrates Singapore and the places within it," said Kult's creative director, Mr Steve Lawler.

    Called the Sin City series, the six designs are screen-printed onto black canvas tote bags or black cotton round-neck T-shirts.

    The bags retail for $25 and the T-shirts $35 on the gallery's online shop

    They can also be bought at the gallery, which is located at Block C2-5, Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road.