Apr 14, 2016

    Cold War a bore sans Stewart


    Action-adventure/114 minutes/

    Opens today

    Rating: 2/5

    The story:

    Eric the Huntsman (Hemsworth) is called upon to serve Snow White, whose kingdom is again under threat by another evil queen - Freya (Blunt), a witch who can turn anything into ice.

    He also has to deal with the surprise appearance of Sara (Chastain), his supposedly dead wife, and the re-emergence of Freya's sister, Ravenna (Theron), who is more power-hungry than ever.

    SO THIS is the franchise where they dumped the main character and tried to continue as if nothing happened. The results, predictably, are dire.

    Kristen Stewart was the star of 2012's Snow White And The Huntsman. It was her film.

    She was the point of it.

    Now, we are left with her sidekick, the Huntsman, as the lead. It is like making a James Bond movie with Moneypenny taking over as the main character - just dumb.

    We still have the villainous Ravenna but she is absent for much of the film.

    Blunt tries to pick up the slack as Freya but never comes across as anything more than a Frozen reject.

    Another new addition, Chastain, plays Hemsworth's love interest but she cannot hold a candle to Stewart.

    She is super boring and has no business in a fantasy film. She should stick to Oscar bait.

    Winter's War is confusing and boring. The plot is uninvolving, the costumes are lacklustre and the sets are uninspired.