Click for lunch @ CBD

LUNCHBOX: Herb prawn set.
Click for lunch @ CBD

GRAIN: Rice with teriyaki chicken.
Click for lunch @ CBD

FEEDEX: Each order has a main dish, a side of fresh fruit, yogurt or soya beancurd, and a drink.


    Aug 04, 2014

    Click for lunch @ CBD

    THEY are young, they're hungry, and they're turning to technology to help solve the age-old headache of queuing for food. Three new tech start-ups are looking to feed the CBD lunch crowd.


    Tel: 6407-1158,

    The five-man start-up works with CBD restaurants, central kitchens and catering businesses to provide packed lunches in the central business district - and even caters for small-group client meetings or large team lunches.

    You place your lunch order through its website hours or days in advance if you prefer, but the last order for lunch closes at 12.30pm daily, and you typically get your orders within 45 minutes.

    Deliveries are done in three rounds from 11.45am to 1.45pm, and partner restaurants are typically located in the CBD, to reduce transport times.

    It has about seven partner restaurants on board, including Thai restaurant Sawasdee, Xi'an restaurant Yang Gui Fei, and the Select Group, which manages the recently refurbished Chinatown Food Street in Smith Street.


    Tel: 8307-4253,

    Unlike most food-delivery services that are simply the logistical link-up between a restaurant and the desk-luncher, Grain actually cooks and packages its own food out of an 800 sq ft kitchen in Geylang.

    Youthful local chefs Terence Chuah and Isaac Tan churn out ay changing menu daily that spans global flavours such as a chilled Korean Goldongmyeon noodle salad with grilled pork, sous vide-cooked Cajun chicken with lentils stewed in fat-trimmed bacon stock, and a Japanese chirashi bowl served with healthy black rice.

    For the particularly health-conscious, each snazzily packaged lunch box comes labelled with a little story of the dish, and a full breakdown of ingredients used, and nutritional information such the exact calorie count and fat, protein and carbohydrate content of each meal.

    To get the food, you place an order through its website between 11am and 2pm daily and wait between two and 15 minutes for a confirmation call, before proceeding to one of eight physical pick-up points to pick up your order.


    137 Telok Ayer Street

    To be launched on Aug 12

    Feedex essentially works like this: online food orders open at 8 every morning, and each successful order will be confirmed with an individual order number via e-mail. Customers can then flash this at the pick-up point to obtain their packet of food, or print out and have a colleague pick it up on their behalf.

    Each order - priced between $7.90 and $8.50 - comprises a three-part meal consisting of a main dish - typically local hawker fare - a side of fresh fruit, yogurt or soya beancurd, and a drink. Dishes will be sourced from famous hawkers such as Selara Rasa Nasi Lemak at Adam Road Food Centre, Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, and roast meat specialist Lee Hong Kee in Tiong Bahru, and Thai eatery Toi's in Golden Mile Complex.

    Food will be packed in custom-made cardboard boxes, picked up from the vendors just before lunch and stored in on-site food warmers until they are picked up by customers from 11.45am until the last box is sold out.