Clash of iconic creeps 'like theme-park ride'

NEW AGE OF TERROR: Yamamoto, who plays the heroine Yuri, was impressed by how Sadako Vs Kayako used modern elements like the smartphone and Internet to update the scares.


    Jun 28, 2016

    Clash of iconic creeps 'like theme-park ride'


    SADAKO and Kayako, two notoriously vengeful ghosts from the popular horror movies The Ring and Ju-on, take each other on in Sadako Vs Kayako, which opened in cinemas last week.

    "The film is almost like an attraction at an amusement park. It offers you two different kinds of fear through two different characters," said actress Mizuki Yamamoto who plays the film's heroine Yuri.

    Eighteen years after its release, the horror in The Ring (1998) remains fresh and intense. In that film, people who watch a videotape showing Sadako die within a week.

    The climactic scene depicts Sadako crawling her way out of a TV screen in a white dress with long, dark hair.

    "I think many people think of Sadako first when referring to Japanese ghosts," Yamamoto said.

    In Sadako Vs Kayako, Yuri purchases an old video player that has the cursed videotape. After watching the content out of curiosity, she receives a silent call on her smartphone.

    Yamamoto said she was impressed how the film rewrote the terror elements by updating its technological aspects. The telephone is now a smartphone and it was the Internet that spread Sadako's image.

    Yuri seeks the help of a medium to break Sadako's curse.

    His advice is to bring in another powerful ghost and make them fight against each other.

    His choice is Kayako from the Ju-on series, who is still living in her house of horrors and showing her power, dragging curious visitors up to the attic.

    Horror-film fans were debating online before the film's release whether Sadako or Kayako would win out in the end.

    The 24-year-old Yamamoto, whose star is rising, said she learnt a lot during the shooting of her first horror film.

    "I never knew that expressing shock through your breathing and movements required such physical strength."