May 10, 2016

    Civil War blasts Jungle Book off N. American top


    THE latest rock-'em-sock-'em Captain America film has vaulted past Disney's The Jungle Book at the North American box office with a strong debut weekend take of US$181.8 million (S$248 million), industry data showed on Sunday.

    Captain America: Civil War, starring Chris Evans, is built around a seemingly no-lose formula: Marvel comics superheroes - including Iron Man, Black Widow and the captain himself - turning against one another in a series of massive fights over whether to submit to the United Nations.

    Its first-weekend total was the fifth-best ever in North America and the best of this year, according to Paul Dergarabedian, an analyst with ComScore.

    The film pushed Jungle Book, in its fourth week, to second position.

    The latest adventures of Mowgli and friends had a weekend take of US$21.8 million. It has made US$776.2 million worldwide so far.