Jul 18, 2016

    Chou ignores 'weird' posts on Internet


    POP superstar Jay Chou showed his high emotional quotient when he light-heartedly agreed that

    the songs he wrote are all "chaotic jumbles" after that snide remark appeared in an official website in China, which has since been deleted.

    "My songs have always been jumbles," the 37-year-old Taiwanese, who is dubbed King of Asian Pop, told the media at an outdoor event on Saturday in Taipei, reported the local United Daily News.

    "There are so many such weird stories in the Internet. Forget it. We would be responding no end if we

    were to do so," he added.

    Last Wednesday, the post appeared in the microblog site of a court in north-western China's Gansu province.

    Besides calling Chou's works " chaotic jumbles",

    it also labelled him "a mongrel bred by Japanese", the Hong Kong Economic Times reported.

    The post drew protests from members of Jay2U, Chou's international fan club, which apparently was what caused the post to be quickly deleted, said the newspaper.

    Apologising to Chou and his fans, the court of Hezheng county, which is outside the provincial capital of Lanzhou, said on Thursday that the

    post was due to "improper management" by its

    website administrators.

    Chou's musical style of mish-mashing cultural genres and singing with slurred enunciation have won him many fans but he has also been widely criticised.