Jul 18, 2016

    Chinese vendors and travellers boycott Philippines


    STUNG by the ruling against China regarding the South China Sea, a rising number of vendors on China's online shopping site are halting sales of dried mango imported from the Philippines.

    The Hague tribunal last week ruled in the Philippines' favour, saying China has "no historical rights" in the disputed maritime areas.

    On the search page of Taobao, instead of pictures of golden dried mango imported from the Philippines, many sellers uploaded a map of China highlighting the South China Sea and with the words "I will never sell this product again. I am a small vendor and a Chinese too".

    "It's not for show. I mean it. No more imported snacks from the Philippines," said Jiajia, a snack vendor.

    "It's my own way to protest, and I will... throw away the rest of the stock."

    The Guangzhou vendor has been running the shop specialising in imported snacks on for three years.

    She had 2,977 sales of dried mango from the Philippines this month before she refused to sell them on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, many sellers of domestic dried mango changed the name of the product to "patriotic dried mango".

    Dried mango products from the Philippines are popular in China and sold in most major supermarkets.

    Chinese tourists have also reacted to the ruling. Xu Xiaolei, spokesman for China Youth Travel Service, said a small number of clients requested to change their holiday destination from the Philippines to other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.