Aug 05, 2016

    Chinese are top online buyers of meals: Poll


    SUPER-SHOPPERS in China come up tops in 10 Web-savvy countries for buying meals online, according to a new poll.

    In a report by Worldpay, a global payments company, 13 per cent of Chinese super-shoppers order takeaway through the Internet - the highest proportion of online meal shopping in the survey.

    Some 20,000 consumers in 10 countries, including the United States, were surveyed.

    Super-shoppers are defined as those who use their preferred payment method to shop online weekly or daily, and purchase goods with a value of £51 (S$91) or more, said Worldpay.

    Besides prepared meals, Chinese super-shoppers also buy plenty of clothes online, with 40 per cent doing so in their last online transaction.

    Moreover, the Chinese are the biggest mobile shoppers in the world, as 33 per cent of Chinese super-shoppers made their last online purchase through a mobile phone.

    They are more likely to use a credit card (54 per cent) or debit card (27 per cent) to pay for one-off online purchases than Alipay (18 per cent).

    "Facing (the) strong buying power of super-shoppers worldwide, retailers must innovate and deliver the paying method (that) super-shoppers want, and let them pay in the way that suits them best," said Tang Kok San, vice-president of business development at Worldpay China.