Jun 15, 2016

    China's rich prefer female bodyguards


    DEMAND for female bodyguards is rising in China, whose growing class of newly rich seeks them for their higher level of discretion, stealth and commitment, reported the Chinese media.

    Their numbers are not known but female bodyguards are often seen with female celebrities and businesswomen, reported the Voice of China website.

    Liu Wenfang, 24, who looks intimidating with her purple-coloured hair, could be hired as a bodyguard at a fee of possibly up to 1.2 million yuan (S$247,000) from the Beijing martial arts school which has been training her, reported the Tencent website.

    "That was what I got from hiring off one in 2013. She was paid a separate sum by her boss," said trainer Chen Yongqing of Ms Liu, who was formerly in the sales line.

    Female bodyguards are mostly paid twice more than their male counterparts, usually 300,000 yuan per year, because of their special strengths - more psychologically stable, trustworthy and less eye-catching.

    "Female bodyguards are supposed to be good at outsmarting potential attackers before they strike," said Mr Chen.

    But they have to face many pains of the job.

    Said former nurse Chen Yang, 28, who also runs a martial arts school: "There is no rest day, no holiday, no private life.

    "But worst of all, (we are) not allowed to fall in love while in the line."