China set for a new great leap forward

WHAT A TREAT: Samsung's smart refrigerator takes watching TV while you eat to a new level. You won't miss anything while you grab a beer.


    May 27, 2016

    China set for a new great leap forward


    THE smart home revolution is also taking root in the East.

    China announced earlier this week that it will speed up the development of its artificial intelligence sector to create a market worth more than 100 billion yuan (S$21 billion) over the next three years.

    The initiative, unveiled by the National Development and Reform Commission, involves creating smart home appliances, wearable devices and cars.

    According to market research company GfK, about 75 per cent of Chinese consumers believe smart home technology will impact their lives in the near future. Some 96 per cent say they are already aware of the smart home concept.

    Here are the top three smart home applications that most appeal to Chinese consumers.


    Entertainment and connectivity:

    An example is a refrigerator that displays a TV show at the same time as that being played in the living room, so you do not miss a minute when grabbing a drink in the kitchen.

    2. Security and control:

    This could refer to cameras that can distinguish between people and cars and send alerts to a phone.


    Health monitors:

    Such items include those that keep track of the heart rate during sleep.