Aug 29, 2016

    China sellers counting on chicken stamps before print


    TO CELEBRATE the Year of the Chicken, China Post recently released a set of Dingyou Year special chicken stamps, which will go on sale on Jan 5.

    Although the printing of the new Zodiac stamps has just begun, they have already become a surprise hit on the Internet.

    The price of the pre-booked stamps has reached 388 yuan (S$80), about 20 times their face value of 19.2 yuan.

    The new series consists of two stamps. One depicts a rooster walking, and the other shows a hen with her two chicks to symbolise happiness and family.

    The designer is artist Han Meilin who designed the Fuwa dolls for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

    Although the chicken stamps will be on sale next year, some sellers are taking bookings now.

    The booking prices fetch from several yuan to hundreds of yuan on Taobao.

    According to a seller on Taobao, the Zodiac stamp is a gold mine for investors.

    "The price of chicken stamps will be even crazier next year. I sold Monkey stamps for 598 yuan last year, and now it has increased to about 800 yuan already."