Feb 03, 2016

    Chapman To not crazy for all things Hallyu

    HONG Kong director Chapman To thinks today's K-dramas are not up to scratch.

    "I really hate Korean dramas," he told The New Paper.

    "Old people like me enjoy Japanese dramas and I think the current K-dramas are not as well produced and well acted as the Japanese dramas from the '90s."

    To's general dislike of the Hallyu wave found its way into Let's Eat! where his character Dai Hung expresses his distaste for Korean fried chicken.

    The movie also pays homage to Japanese food.

    To, who also wrote the script, said: "I think it's a great pity for a director to direct a film without writing the script for it. I can't imagine how someone could do that."

    Although Let's Eat! is his directorial debut, he added that it is acting that makes him most nervous.

    "I'm more concerned about how to portray my emotions in my own style," he noted.

    "Directing, in comparison, was more straightforward."

    On the storyline about a struggle between the old and the new, and Singapore's and Malaysia's love of chicken rice, To said: "Hainanese chicken rice is a symbolic food for both countries. You can even find it on room service menus in foreign hotels.

    "For the film, we created a revamped version of Hainanese chicken rice to represent the mix of traditional and modern food."

    Co-star Aimee Chan said To, who cooks up a storm in Let's Eat!, is a "really good" chef. His signature dish is slow-cooked short ribs.

    When asked whether he or his wife, Hong Kong actress-singer Kristal Tin, cooks at home, To replied cheekily: "She has no chance to be in the kitchen... always in the bedroom."