Casio unveils robot-watch sets

PILOT'S WATCH: The Gravity Master timepiece with a matching robot figurine.


    Dec 21, 2015

    Casio unveils robot-watch sets

    FANS of designer watches and toys are in for a treat as Casio Singapore has launched a collection of G-Shock timepieces that come with matching robot figurines.

    Produced exclusively for Singapore, the Master of G collection features three limited-edition watches devised for the sky, land and sea respectively.

    The Gravity Master ($999), designed to be the ultimate pilot's watch, is shockproof, vibration-proof and resistant to centrifugal force.

    The priciest of the series, it has a hybrid timekeeping system which uses both GPS and radio wave time calibration signals for accurate time display even across different time zones.

    The Mud Master ($899) is resistant to sand, mud and dust and is a rugged watch made to withstand exposure to surroundings such as jungles and deserts.

    The Gulf Master ($549) is built for the seafarer and provides readings of temperature and weather conditions. It can also track sudden changes in atmospheric pressure to warn of storm fronts.

    Complementing these timepieces are matching robots designed in collaboration with toymaker AdFunture workshop and streetwear label Veil.

    The robots, which are 25cm tall and made of resin, can be purchased along with the watches with a top-up of $100.

    They have movable limbs and can double as stands for the watches but are not for sale on their own.

    The Master of G collection is on sale at G-Factory stores islandwide while stocks last.