Jan 23, 2015

    Casio does its bit to help needy students

    DONATING second-hand textbooks is a familiar concept, but a company is now extending that idea to calculators.

    Casio Singapore has launched a programme in which it buys back used calculators from students here and then donates them to needy students in South-east Asia.

    Through the Casio Cares Initiative and Buy-back Programme, students from junior colleges, centralised institutes and integrated-programme schools can sell their Casio FX-9860GIIs graphing calculators back to the company soon after they graduate.

    A needy student with a combined household income of less than $2,500 a month can apply for a free-to-loan programme through the Casio Cares Initiative, while all students, not just needy ones, can apply for the buy-back programme.

    The calculators, which must have been bought from authorised Casio retailers, retail for $180 each. Under the buy-back programme, Casio purchases the calculators from the students for $60 each. The used calculators Casio buys are then donated to underprivileged students in the region.

    On the programme, Shunichi Watanabe, managing director of Casio Singapore, said: "Casio strongly believes that all students, regardless of financial background, should have access to the necessary tools that will help in their academic development."

    Casio's contributions to the electronics industry and mathematics education dates back to 1985, when it introduced its scientific graphing calculator.

    Students interested to resell their calculators to Casio or apply for a loan calculator can visit the Casio Cares Initiative website at

    The Casio Buy-back Programme ends on March 31.