Jun 14, 2016

    Call for Chinese firms to adopt 21/2-day weekend


    SOUTHERN China's Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces have declared that local employers could initiate the practice of a 21/2-day weekend - which means letting their workers knock off work at noon on Friday and return on Monday, Chinese media reported.

    Eight other provinces have issued similar advisories recently but the proposal, which is non-mandatory, is expected to be more widely adopted in the two economic powerhouses, which have fewer labour-intensive industries and more white-collar workplaces.

    Guangdong pointed out that a shorter work week would help stimulate weekend tourism among locals, especially those who like to travel far, reported the official Southcn website.

    A tourism expert told the official Zhejiang Online website that vacations averaging two to three days are becoming a trend in China, and this would be fuelled if more firms go for a 21/2-day weekend.

    The Chinese Cabinet gave the green light for a 21/2-day weekend in August. According to Chinese law, a 40-hour work week from Monday to Friday is the norm, which was adopted in 1995.