Bring life to a city and its folk


    Feb 14, 2014

    Bring life to a city and its folk

    Earlier this week, Digital Life honoured made-in-Singapore games for the first time in its annual awards. Here are its picks:


    Pixel People
    By Lambdamu Games

    CHOOSING the award winners for our inaugural Best Made-In-Singapore Games was not easy.

    For the Editor's Choice awards, the editorial team debated long and hard over the top three winners. The votes for the Readers' Choice awards were also very close, with the top three winners separated by less than 2 percentage points of the total votes cast.

    The fourth- and fifth-placed finalists also lost by a razor-thin margin. Only 1 and 2 percentage points separated them from the third-placed winner.

    After much deliberation, the editorial team chose Pixel People as its overall favourite game, followed by Heroes Of Honor and Ravenmark Mercenaries.

    Pixel People is a city-builder game with a twist. You need to mix and match the DNA of the various dwellers in your virtual city to create new occupants with new occupations.

    You start off with a mayor and a mechanic. Mix them together and you get an engineer. Discover a new profession and you uncover new buildings and new city enhancements. The courthouse comes with a judge, while the circus comes with a magician.

    You will also be able to grow trees and build waterways to beautify your city as you progress. There is a total of 155 characters to discover and, soon, you will be thinking hard about how you can create new ones.

    With retro-looking pixel graphics and innovative but simple gameplay, Pixel People earned our endearment and the well-deserved top spot in our Editor's Choice awards.

    Readers' Choice winner:

    Brave Frontier by Gumi Asia
    12.3% of total votes