Dec 05, 2013

    Book curved LG phone on Sunday

    THE LG G Flex, which has a screen that is curved along its length, will be available in Singapore this month.

    The smartphone, which also boasts a self-healing protective film on its back, will be available for pre-order at all mobile operators on Sunday. It will be in stores on Dec 21, LG Electronics said in a statement.

    The curved phone is designed to reduce the distance between the user's mouth and the microphone when the device is held against the ear.

    When in landscape mode, the screen is meant to fit the contours of the human eyes, making viewing more comfortable, the statement said.

    The elastic coating on its back has the ability to recover from daily wear and tear - a first, LG said.

    The recommended retail price is $1,088. Customers who pre-order will get an LG Vest Cover (worth $48) and an LG Tone+ Bluetooth headset (worth $178).