Jun 10, 2015

    Book air tickets early and you could pay 43% less

    EVERYONE knows that making your flight bookings in advance is the way to go when you want to get the best prices on air tickets. But just how much in advance should you be locking in travel plans for maximum savings?

    Travel search engine reveals that the magic number is three - that is, the number of months you should aim to secure your bookings in order to gain the most cost savings on air tickets.

    This is in contrast to bookings made one month in advance, when the amount of savings can vary between 9 and 43 per cent, according to analysis by Kayak.

    According to the search engine, flights to destinations in Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia and China are most affordable when bookings are made 11/2 months prior to departure.

    Those planning trips to Australia or New Zealand can clinch the best airfares two months before their departure date. Doing this potentially saves you up to 18 per cent in airfares compared to booking only one month in advance.

    For long-haul trips from Singapore to destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, North America and Central America, it is advisable to book at least 21/2 months ahead of time, suggests Kayak.

    Meanwhile, flight savings to North America are the least significant when booking one month in advance, as passengers need to fork out only 9 per cent more on airfares compared to booking 21/2 months in advance.

    In contrast, travellers looking for the best flight prices to South America need to do their homework way ahead of time and book around three months in advance, or risk facing a 43 per cent hike in airfares one month prior to departure.