Blow-by-blow account of Duran's life

STREET FIGHTER: Duran (Ramirez, left) and Leonard (Usher) put up their dukes in Jakubowicz's biopic.


    Aug 25, 2016

    Blow-by-blow account of Duran's life


    Drama / 111 minutes / Opens today

    Rating: 2.5/5

    HANDS Of Stone examines the life of boxer Roberto Duran.

    The Panamanian boxer (Edgar Ramirez) comes up from the streets with two boots on his neck: one belonging to the Marines, who oversee the American-owned Canal Zone, and the other to poverty.

    But he is a slugger in every sense of the word, with a hunger that would see him take the world championship title from Sugar Ray Leonard (singer-turned-actor Usher Raymond), with the help of respected coach Ray Arcel (Robert de Niro).

    Writer-director Jonathan Jakubowicz drives home the point that the chip on the shoulder that made Duran great also made him a horrible human being - in other words, the Raging Bull (1980) theory of success which, not coincidentally, starred de Niro.

    Besides making Duran look like an off-brand Jake LaMotta (the subject of Raging Bull), this film suffers from this-and-that-ism, when biopics include events for their own sake, without thought of narrative relevance.