Sep 20, 2016

    Blair Witch, Bridget Jones fall flat


    SOME things are not worth the wait, it seems.

    Blair Witch and Bridget Jones's Baby, sequels to films that first hit theatres a generation ago, both stumbled in their debuts this weekend, earning a meagre US$9.7 million (S$13 million) and US$8.2 million respectively.

    They were easily overpowered by Sully, the Clint Eastwood drama about the so-called miracle on the Hudson emergency plane landing that features Tom Hanks.

    The Warner Bros release topped the domestic box office for a second consecutive weekend, earning US$22 million and pushing its stateside total to US$70.5 million.

    The weekend's other wide-release launch, Oliver Stone's Snowden, picked up US$8 million from 2,443 locations for a fourth-place finish.

    The look at Edward Snowden stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and got a warm reception at the Toronto International Film Festival.

    But the leaker of US government secrets remains a controversial figure, which might have limited the movie's appeal.

    Some rival studios had expected Blair Witch to earn US$20 million, potentially toppling Sully from its throne.

    But a lot went wrong, starting with some bad reviews and a D CinemaScore.

    Bridget Jones's Baby is another exercise in diminishing returns. The romantic comedy cost US$35 million to produce.

    But it is faring better overseas, where it racked up US$29.9 million.