Apr 25, 2016

    Beyonce releases album during Lemonade film


    POP superstar Beyonce on Saturday released a musically diverse album in the form of a film, as she paid tribute to the perseverance of African American women.

    Lemonade was advertised only as a special on cable network HBO. But, in an anticipated move, she dropped an album by the same name in the middle of the broadcast.

    The "visual-album" marks the second time in which the 34-year-old has experimented with merging formats.

    The film follows her journey as she tackles infidelity but also the larger experience of African American women.

    It opens with accusations of betrayal with Beyonce smashing up cars as she rages against the sexual transgressions of her partner. In the track Don't Hurt Yourself, performed with garage rocker Jack White, she warns that if her husband's infidelity does not end, "you're gonna lose your wife".

    It instantly triggered speculation on social media that Lemonade was an artistic announcement of separation from her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z.

    But towards the end of the film, Beyonce heads into a chapter entitled Forgiveness as she embraces a sullen Jay-Z.