Better sound with headphone amp


    Dec 13, 2013

    Better sound with headphone amp

    Sony PHA-2 headphone amplifier

    THE first Sony headphone amp PHA-1 came out a year ago and it was a most useful accessory for those seeking higher-quality sound for their MP3 music.

    The PHA-2 improves on the previous model with a better analog amplifier for line-in/line-out function and higher-resolution digital/analog converter for users listening via the DAC route.

    PHA-2 looks much like the PHA-1 on the outside, but includes accessories like cables for connecting Apple, Sony and other music devices to the unit, some of which were not available with the PHA-1.

    Sound-wise, the PHA-2 seems to work better with some headsets than with others, probably because of differing impedance.

    Overall, it improves the sound coming from the music device, although measured against my recalled experience with the PHA-1, the difference in performance was not that significant.

    Sony has not made known its Singapore price, although the PHA-2 sells for some US$600 (S$750) on Amazon while the PHA-1 goes for about US$370.

    How much: To be announced.