Batman + A Beautiful Mind = Killer fun

MATHS CAN BE MURDER: Affleck plays the titular accountant who can take out baddies as precisely as he tallies up his balance sheets.


    Oct 13, 2016

    Batman + A Beautiful Mind = Killer fun


    Thriller / 128 minutes / Opens today

    Rating: 4/5

    HOW can a superhero be a genius both at maths and kicking butt? Most people are usually one or the other.

    It's a bit unbelievable at first to see Ben Affleck's character, Christian Wolff, balancing accounting books with the same crazy precision as wrestling five men to the ground. But these superhumans do exist.

    This is what you would get if you mashed A Beautiful Mind and John Wick together, and added a dose of Affleck.

    Bits of it also remind me of the X-Men movies because Christian has Asperger's syndrome and spends his childhood in a house with other "special" kids.

    So yeah, this is a mash-up of several different kinds of movies but I personally dig it.

    It's not your average superhero flick, which is a huge plus because I am sick of the dour, overly serious ones like Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

    Watch this if you have ever wondered what Batman would be like as an awkward maths savant.