This bag will not end up in lost and found

FOLLOWS YOU WHEREVER YOU MAY GO: The Cowa Robot tails its user via a tracking bracelet and can find him within 50m.


    May 13, 2016

    This bag will not end up in lost and found

    PEOPLE who find it a chore to lug their luggage while on vacation may find delight with this invention - a robot suitcase that automatically follows its owner around.

    The Cowa Robot travel luggage trails after a person like a puppy, via a tracking bracelet worn by the user.

    The 4.5kg aluminium suitcase is not just a stalker, it is smart too. It auto-locks itself via the wristband tracker, and gives off a warning alarm if you wander more than 1.5m away.

    And if you get separated from your robot case, it can track and find you within 50m, thanks to an embedded 3G SIM card.

    While this may be the first luggage you have to charge, the Cowa Robot also doubles as a portable charger, as its detachable power source comes with USB ports.

    However, given that it has a battery, users may not be able to check in the Cowa Robot - in any case, it is designed as a carry-on luggage.

    Whether airlines will actually let people fly with one remains to be tested.

    The Cowa Robot, made by a Shanghai-based company, will go on sale next month in China with a price tag of US$650 (S$890).

    There is a promotional price for pre-orders.

    It was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai this week.

    More than 375 global companies from 23 countries are launching products at the three-day event, which ends today.