Jul 14, 2015

    Angry clients? No sweat

    HERE are three tips on how to deal with angry customers by Marianna Pascal, corporate trainer at STTS Training:


    Always show that you have heard the customer's main concern. When dealing with an angry customer, you should repeat his concern to show that you understand what the concern is.

    Be sincere and take your time to apologise, especially if the customer thinks something has gone wrong, instead of rushing through the apology carelessly.


    Always give a meaningful explanation. Customers want reasons which make sense to them. If you need to explain the situation, do so using understandable terms, instead of citing reasons such as "it's policy" or "it's for security", which do not really explain much.


    Never end with a negative message. If you cannot solve a customer's problem or if you cannot perform a task as fast as he wants you to, there is always something else you can do to help the customer, so tell him about this instead.