Oct 16, 2015

    Angelababy never went under the knife


    ACTRESS Angelababy has never undergone cosmetic surgery, according to a preliminary medical examination that was conducted yesterday in the presence of her lawyer and two notaries public in Beijing, said Apple Daily.

    The examination at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences had been requested by a judge and the lawyer in Angelababy's defamation complaint against Chinese plastic surgery clinic Ruili, and in a bid to stem enduring rumours about the actress' appearance.

    Renowned Chinese plastic surgeon Qi Zuoliang examined Angelababy's face and noted that there were no cut marks on her eyelids, around her eyes and around her mouth, said the report.

    In fact, she may be a natural beauty, he added. "Double eyelids that are made usually have two distinct layers. Baby isn't like most people. She has several layers of her own."

    Angelababy did not wear make-up and was proactive during the examination, said the report. She asked the surgeon to check her forehead, nose, chin, cheekbones and apple cheeks, and said to reporters who were present: "Quick, help me think where else."

    She also had an X-ray and other examinations. The surgeon checked the X-ray photographs and confirmed that Angelababy had not gone under the knife. He said he would write a report later.

    The case dates back to 2012, when Ruili published, on its website, an essay titled Angelababy's Plastic Surgery Fails, Netizens Say Her Chin Is Extremely Unnatural. The actress filed a complaint, requiring the clinic to compensate her and apologise for infringing her image rights and damaging her reputation.

    A Beijing court ruled in her favour in May, but the clinic appealed against the ruling.

    In China, netizens have frowned on the court's interest in Angelababy's case, however. "It seems the court is idle and bored," said one of the comments.

    The actress, who has big eyes and a sharp nose, has explained that she is a quarter German and that having her teeth straightened has changed the shape of her face.

    Her husband, actor Huang Xiaoming, has also come to her defence. Last year, he said of his then girlfriend: "She's been ugly in front of me. To be honest, everyone always says she had plastic surgery and that's because they haven't seen what she usually looks like. I'm not a fool. I know for sure she didn't have plastic surgery."