Jul 28, 2016

    Action hero Jackie Chan reduced to a travel host


    Action-comedy/107 minutes/

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    Rating: 2/5

    THE mighty have indeed fallen.

    Jackie Chan, once the esteemed action hero of Asia, has now become a

    clowning travel host.

    It's not a bad retirement job, especially since he does it so well in Skiptrace.

    However, the Hollywood movie is supposed to be a road-trip action flick.

    I guess the China investors had different ideas.

    Chan's police officer Bennie is searching for crime boss The Matador.

    Enter Johnny Knoxville's Connor Watts, a gambler

    who stumbles across evidence that implicates Bennie's niece Samantha (Fan Bingbing),

    who is then captured

    by the bad guys.

    The story is pretty straightforward but will take you on a massive detour around the touristy spots of Inner Mongolia, Guangxi

    and Guizhou provinces.

    The chemistry between Chan and Knoxville is non-existent.

    The amazing stunts are nothing new.

    Chan has officially passed his expiry date.