Aug 07, 2014

    5,000-word boost for Scrabble vocabulary


    YOUNG players of the classic word game Scrabble, perhaps disenfranchised by its decade-old lexicon, can "chillax" now that this multi-generational favourite is being updated to speak the language of the millennials.

    The fifth edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, published by Merriam-Webster, went on sale yesterday and includes 5,000 new words that editors say will help the 66-year-old game stay relevant.

    Some older players and Scrabble purists might find the inclusion of words like "bromance" and "selfie" to be a "buzzkill" because some of the additions seem so fresh.

    But most of the additions are likely to be long-studied and time-tested, with obvious staying power, said Grant Barrett, a San Diego dictionary editor and co-host of the nationwide public radio show A Way With Words.

    "The list is, to me, a great step forward," Mr Barrett said. "I think you've got to add the new words. Otherwise, you risk this turning into an archaic game that nobody wants to play because the daily language isn't accepted there. It's got to keep up."

    This week, the publishing house released some of the new words, which add 30 pages to the dictionary last updated 10 years ago.